Bee Exterminators


Bee Exterminators in the Bronx can help you remove damage causing bees from your property. Bees also pose a threat to those that are allergic to their stings. Exterminate bees now by calling Bronx Pest Control

Don't Place Yourself In Danger!

Removal from structures and outside locations should be done by a professional Bee Exterminator & removal experts who has the equipment and knowledge necessary to pinpoint the location of the honey bees and properly remove the bees. Many people will try and eradicate the bees on their own by spraying the bees with commercial pest spray. While these sprays will many times kill some of the honey bees, it almost never kills them all. Spraying the honey bees will not remove the comb, honey, eggs, and larvae that are present in the walls or ceilings of the structure. As many as 30,000 to 80,000 bees could be in your ceiling or walls. Don't put yourself in danger. Call us today at (718)841-7156! Bronx Bee Exterminator is here to Help you throughout NYC. Borough of the Bronx-based technicians for fast service At Affordable, Quality Commercial & Residential For 10% Discount

Spraying Can Cause "A Dead Hive Condition"...Trouble!

A "dead hive" condition "WILL" cause you further problems such as fermented (Dripping) honey and rotting larvae within the wall or ceiling. The moisture and smell will attract another pest such as roaches, flies, and rodents who will feed on the remaining material. The moisture can also cause structural damage to your home.

Other honeybees will also try to reestablish further colonies if the void is not cleaned and sealed properly. If you have honeybees present in a structure and want to remove them please call us Today we are professional Bee Exterminator & removal experts.

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